Monthly Archives: May 2014

IRL Smartphone Hacking with Watch_Dogs

Viral Marketing using real life publicity stunts has always been a big part of video game advertising.  From releasing copies of Mass Effect 3 into space, to launching a ton of red balloons nothing gets the word out there like a good publicity stunt. Watch_Dogs officially has a pretty great …

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Far Cry 4 Isn't Very Far Away

Ubisoft has finally gone on record today to announce a ton of information about the next iteration in their insanely popular Far Cry Franchise: Far Cry 4. In addition, as a nice little bonus, they even announced the official release date: November 18th, 2014.

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HazMatt's Spring Season Picks

Spring is definitely here. With the anime season in full swing, I believe it is time for some “what to watch” and “what to avoid” for those out there that may not have picked anything up yet, or are interested in what the new season has to offer.

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