IRL Smartphone Hacking with Watch_Dogs

Viral Marketing using real life publicity stunts has always been a big part of video game advertising.  From releasing copies of Mass Effect 3 into space, to launching a ton of red balloons i nothing gets the word out there like a good publicity stunt. Watch_Dogs officially has a pretty great publicity stunt.

This stunt has several unsuspecting passers-by walking into a store to get their phone fixed by a kindly shop owner, only to have a new app added to their phones: one that hacks the city around them.

The reason why this stunt is so damn cool to me is twofold: it’s really cool seeing random people shit¬†themselves when they’re stopped by police for hacking stuff ii, and it actually does a very good job of showing what kind of powers the main character of the game itself will have. Watch_Dogs is set for release later this month on May 27th.

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