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11PM June 8th: It’s 11PM The night before the E3 press conferences begin and I’m here setting up for tomorrow. It’s going to be a long day guys, but I’m gonna be here for you all day, starting here with the Xbox Press Conference. -Brian

9:13AM June 9th: Good morning everyone! IT’s almost time for th first press conference of the day! For the Microsoft conference, we’re getting started at 9:30. Be Ready. You can watch the stream live at

9:35 AM: Call of Duty ghosts gets a COD ass COD trailer. It’s about what you expect. ADD On Content comes to the game early for Xbox One. That was a pretty okay trailer.

9:44 AM: And now it’s time for Forza. And Forza Horizon 2 is now a thing! September 30th. Save the date for some Forza Horizon action.

9:50 AM: Evolve has garnered a lot of attention lately. And now we have some more trailer action. And Dubstep.

9:51 AM: Looks like we’re getting some more information about the French AC game, Assassins Creed Unity. It looks a lot like an Assassin’s Creed game. Very much like the original one, actually. The addition of Co-Op multiplayer is a really cool thing though.

9:58 AM: Dragon Age 3 rears it’s head, and it looks gooooooood.

10:00 AM: More dudes shooting things. And Insominac shows off how Sunset Overdrive is just not even close to the same as other FPSes. And we get some insight into the world of Sunset City. October 28th, FINALLY we hear the words exclusive.

10:05 AM: Man oh man, that Dead Rising 3 trailer was the best thing I’ve seen in a while.

10:07: Fantasia is still around, and Dance Central is too.

10:08: Ready to come back to Fable? In multiplayer? Fable Legends is your game. It’s kinda like Fable Diablo, or so it seems. In third person.

10:15: More Project Spark? More Project Spark. It’s already good times, though I don’t see why they need a trailer. Well, I guess to show Conker is in it.

10:21: Halo Collection time? Halo Collection Time. They show off some multiplayer from Halo 2 HD, which is the exact same as it was when the game first shipped. 1080p 60FPS, with Dedicated Servers.

10:31: Another game from the original Limbo devs. It’s looking just as grim as Limbo did.


10:35: Mirosoft shows off what ID@Xbox has been up to. There are some pretty cool indies coming up this year.

10:37: Tomb Raider 2 shows up. It was really an inevitability, after the success of the first.

10:38: Witchers are back , and here we go. Open world and brutal. The combat is still wild and brutal, and the game looks ab-so-lute-ly gorgeous.

10:45: It’s an old franchise…but I don’t know what this is…Phantom Dust apparently, it looks pretty rockin.

10:48: The Division is still really, really pretty and really, cool.

10:53: One of my favorite companies, Platinum Games has an Xbox Exclusive called Scalebound. And it looks like a Platinum game alright.

10:55: ARE YOU READY TO…CRACKDOWN. 3. Or maybe just Crackdown again.

And we’re done here. There was some cool stuff. We’ll have all of the trailers up here later for your perusal. See you for the EA at noon.

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