EA Press Conference Live Blog: 12PM PT

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11:38: We’ll be on at Noon for the EA conference. Stay tuned. Watch along at http://www.ea.com/e3?intcmp=EACom_E32014_hero

12:01 Off to a good start with Star Wars. Battlefront time. It’s looking really, really good.

12:05: Live music from Dragon Age over gameplay footage.  Pretty moving actually. It’s also nice to see some live footage from the game finally. Don’t say all the feels ever again. It’s looking good. A lot of info on characters, and honest to god Combat gameplay.


12:14: The Sims 4 gets some showing. It looks like the Sims alright. It looks like the Sims 3 part 2. October 2nd this year.

12:19: Bruce Lee is my man. It’s time for the EA Sports power hour. Starting with EA UFC.

12:22: Brian tapped out (HAHAHAHAHAAH) so me (Mike) is taking over for the sports section. EA MMA looks good but since the demo is already out this entire segment seems like moot point.

12:24: NHL looks really good but I haven’t really seen anything besides the graphics that makes me want to get back on that bandwagon.

12:27: Criterion is straight up changing their entire formula and  think I this is a good thing. ATVs, Boats, Buggies, Why Not.

12:29: I’m incredibly happy to see EA bringing back Fantasy Courses to the Golf Game. They were a nice change of pace fro the normal courses and I’m glad they’re back.

12:31: I’d like to know more about Madden’s defensive improvements but I guess this isn’t the time nor the place.

12:34: EA is making DOTA now, I guess. Called Dawngate. I just…ugh…Also they got the Acronym for MOBA wrong so…yeah…ugh…Also Brian is back.

12:36: OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, Mirror’s Edge brosky. I really liked the first one, I’m happy we’re getting some hands on with the future of the franchise. They’re giving a lot of options for the player on how to traverse with Parkour, and it looks great.

12:41 FIFA is a really popular game, and it looks like they’re building a new FIFA for next gen. I looks pretty, and I’m sure it will play pretty.

12:44 Battlefield Hardline has got a lot of attention in the last couple weeks, and here it is again. It’s battlefield in the mean streetz. There’s a lot of potential here. The Gameplay is very battlefield but the twist is a convincing one. Battlefield Hardline is entering Beta TODAY. Get on in. It comes out on October 31st.

EA showed some impressive stuff alright. It’s over for now, we’ll see you soon at Ubisoft.

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