Sony Press Conference Live Blog: 6PM PT

Well, it’s been a long day folks, but here we are, much wiser about the future of the game industry. We’ll be back later on with a comprehensive wrap up show, but until then, thanks for staying with us!

An hour and a half out of Sony’s press conference and we’re looking ahead to Playstation goodies! Keep it locked here for more, and watch with us live on

6:00 Let’s go Sony, impress me.

6:05 We all knew destiny would show up, and of course they’re starting off with it. It’s still the same Destiny we saw last year. Beta is coming to PS4 this July, and special “Alpha” coming this week.

6:12: Another previously announced game via The Order 1886. It’s running pretty badly but “live demo.” The setting looks good as it did in previous demos, and it’s pretty good looking

6:17: Entwined was shown, it’s very artistic. coming out of a school team effort. It’s very much in the thatgamecompany style, for sure

6:20: Infamous First Light was revealed as a kind of Standalone DLC following a new female character.

6:23: Despite saying they would not be present, Media Molecule showed up and showed off some of the changes for Little big Planet 3. New characters and mechanics abound.

6:31: The mysterious Project Beast from From Software has come to light finally, and based on the cinematic trailer, it looks gooooooood. It’s now called Bloodborne.

6:33: Far Cry 4 is here, and we’re getting some gameplay. Excellent. It’s Kyrat setting is really getting shown off here, and it is BEAUTIFUL. the use of Co Op in the game is well done, and really feels well implemented.

6:42: Dead Island 2 was announced, and the one person that cares is very excited.

6:44: Battlefield hardline is back for another go round. And it’s just as cool as it was earlier. Cops and Robbers gameplay suits Battlefield surprisingly nicely.

6:56: After a flurry of games both good (Anything by Devolver) and Bad (Stop Suda 51 pls) Abzu by Giant Squid makes an appearance and it’s…interesting.

6:58: And no Man’s Sky is back for another go round. It’s still really cool. Exploration and a lot of worlds. And really cool space combat. That takes open worlds to new levels.

7:04: And Project Morpheus is shown. It’s still VR and it’s still pretty cool.

7:23 after a lot of technical talk about the Playstation TV ($99) and Playstation now, they show off gameplay for Mortal Kombat. And it’s about what you expect from Mortal Kombat.

7:26: Sony is taking a page out of Xbox’s book, and now THEY are having their own original TV content. Namely, Powers, a comic series about a Super Hero Homicide unit.

7:48: A trio of games was shown including Metal Gear solid V, GTAV for PS4 and A lot more about Arkham Knight. This all culminated in the full trailer for Uncharted 4: A thieve’s Death. And god damn.

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