Ubisoft Press Conference Live Blog: 3PM PT

We’re streaming our post show right now on twitch.tv/ir0nh00f

It’s one hour til Ubisoft, and we’re getting hyped! And by that, I mean Mike’s taking a nap and I’m eating Lasagna! We’ll be back for coverage! You can watch along with us at http://www.twitch.tv/ubisoft

2:55 PM: The conference hasn’t even started yet and we’re already getting Rabbids Shennanigans. BWAAAAH Simulator WAS pretty funny though.

3:00 PM: Off to a good start with some info about far Cry 4. It looks really good. That is a very VERY good cinematic. #selfie

3:23 PM: After some technical difficulties, I’m back. And the Crew is still the game I’m looking forward to most this year, kinda. Also, go to Thecrewgame.com/beta to get in on it.

3:29 PM: Assassin’s Creed Unity shows up again with a cinematic trailer. As is expected of AC cinematic trailers, it’s really cool. Lot’s of killing and a lot of showing what the Co-Op and French Revolution era can do. Even more gameplay as well, showing some of the ancillary parts of the game instead of just missions.

3:41: Shape Up. Okay. It’s fitness…for…gamers…and it’s DDR alright…

3:49 World war I is getting a game finally, and it really, REALLY looks depressing and brutal. Much like World War I. A truly touching trailer in a sea of hype. Out June 25th this year.

3:52 Yves Guillemot is here, and he’s thanking us. I love you too Yves. And he’s showing Rainbow Six Patriots finally. Finally. and it’s actually called Rainbow Six: Siege

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