Crit Hits: The Decision Part 2

Welcome to Crit Hits, where we will be throwing out some quick thoughts here and there and letting it flow right at ya, straight off the dome Cuh. Anyway, among the D, I am the resident Sports Guy. I’m into sports. I watch that shit. Specifically basketball. So I just want to let loose a Crit Hit about the NBA’s Lebronapalooza 2014.

Coming off a respectable performance in which he dragged the Artist Formerly Known as Dwyane Wade and an over-matched Miami Heat team directly into the buzz-saw that is the San Antonio Spurs, Lebron James has opted out of his contract making him an unrestricted free agent. This means that starting today, Lebron is free to negotiate and sign with any NBA team he sees fit. This means that every single team in the league can’t fall over themselves fast enough to take a shot at signing James.

The story here is that Lebron wants to win a third title, plain and simple, which narrows down the potential suitors significantly. There are a lot of theories about what Lebron could and should do. A popular one is that James, Wade, and Chris Bosh could restructure their deals to give the Heat enough cap space to sign another impact player to make a run at a 5th consecutive finals appearance and hopefully a 3rd ring. The only issue with this is Lebron reportedly wants max money, which would severely hamper the Heat’s ability to do this. However, if anyone deserves a max contract it is Lebron James, who has been the best player on the planet and nearly dragged a mediocre Heat team to within 3 wins of a third consecutive championship. This, of course, would mean that Bosh and Wade would have to take significant paycuts which may not be the most palatable option for them. James has made it clear that he wants an upgraded roster in order to guarantee a return to Miami but if former championship-winning coach and NBA Executive of the Year Pat Riley can’t come through, James has several other suitors with stronger rosters willing to pay top dollar for his all-world talents.

The Cleveland Cavaliers has been bandied about as a potential suitor for Lebron, ushering in a return to his home state after a title-laden fling with the Heat. However, I find this unlikely. When he left in 2010  fans of Cleveland and especially the Caveliers Owner Dan Gilbert ran him out of town in a fit of jilted rage. Time heals all wounds but these may still be a bit too tender for a return to Cleveland.

The Chicago Bulls have been discussed as a potential destination as well as the Houston Rockets but the Bulls seem dead-set on Top Free Agent Number 2 Carmelo Anthony and Houston would need quite a bit of salary dumping in order to fit James into their cap.

While I believe he will be returning to Miami, I would love for Lebron to go the Los Angeles Clippers. The Clippers are in one of the best positions in the league to win a title and Lebron would be able to play with NBA resident Point God (Popular name for the current best Point Guard in the league) Chris Paul and Top 10 Kia-branded rim-wrecker Blake Griffin. It’s a terrifying pick-your-poison monstrosity of a team that would be an immediate favorite to win the next several titles and potentially be more fun to watch then should legally be allowed. Either way, we are all witnesses.

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