Watch_Dogs Takes on Jersey

Pop quiz: What’s the most crime ridden city in the United States according to the FBI? If you guessed Detroit i you would be wrong. It’s actually Camden New Jersey. And according to a cryptic tweet from Ubisoft, Watch_Dogs could be headed to Camden this fall.


This image was posted on the official Watch_Dogs twitter page on July 28th, hinting at the use of CTOS technology in Camden, New Jersey. Adding to the intrigue, @FatalRift tweeted to the Watch_Dogs twitter asking if this referenced an upcoming DLC, to which they replied it will in fact be coming this fall.

Looks like Aiden Pierce will be honing his crime-fighting prowess in what is officially known as the biggest cesspool in the US. I enjoyed my time with Watch_Dogs personally, but what intrigues me most is that Ubisoft is leaving Chicago for Aiden’s next escapade in city-hacking. This could open the door for hackable fun in even more crimey cities. ii

Watch_Dogs is currently available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, and PS4. (With a WiiU version technically still in development.)


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