Final Fantasy XV Is Definitely A Real Thing With Real Gameplay

I remember E3 2006 when Final Fantasy Vs. XIII Was first announced, and how much I needed it in my life. Now, after eight years of waiting, Square Enix has given us honest-to-god gameplay footage at Tokyo Game Show.

This first trailer was shown two days ago during a presentation by Square Enix, and what a rush it was. Giant monsters, slick cars, and an open world all made an appearance. The real star seems to be the relationship between the main protagonists as they seem to go on a road trip across the open, very Final Fantasy flavored world.

This wasn’t all to come out of TGS for Final Fantasy XV though, as another previous gift was presented to us this morning in the form of actual gameplay.

First off, the game looks absolutely gorgeous. The first part of the demo is dedicated to showing off the new engine the game is running on, including how the lighting in the game plays off of weather, and character models. There was also a frog.

The combat was the meat of the demo however, showing off the active combat system, including a fun action where characters are able to throw a blade up in the air, teleport to it, and jump back to combat.

So far, for a game that has been in development for nearly a decade it’s looking incrediblei. Of course there’s no release date set yet, so we don’t know when we’ll actually be able to get our hands on the full game, but a demo for the game will come with the purchase of Final Fantasy Type-O HD when it comes out March 2015.

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