Childish GambinoxFar Cry 4 Is The Collab You've Always Wanted

Aside from last year’s hilarious 80’s sendupĀ Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, the Far Cry franchise has always flown pretty low on my radar. Childish Gambino has also taken up little of my consciousness. Thanks to this new trailer, I’m now excited about both.

The concept of putting popular music to video game footage isn’t a new one. i This trailer however is exceptionally well done, and in combination with the game footage really evokes the feeling that Far Cry 4 is trying to get across.

Plus, the opening bit about the artist’s process in choosing a song to best represent the game is pretty interesting as well. “Life is f***ed up, so why wouldn’t it be f***ed up,” is a pretty good match for the general theme of the franchise. Far Cry 4 will be taking the Himalayas by storm on November 18th.

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