The New Age of Ultron Trailer Looks Like a Horror Movie

I was in the car with my girlfriend and my mom when I watched the trailer, and for the solid two minutes or so the trailer had me, all I could manage to eke out was a stunned silence. It’s an amazing trailer, and to me, it almost felt like the best kind of horror movie.

Holy s*** right? I could go into the whole history of Ultron and why he is both the best, and scariest, choice of villain for the Avengers to fight in this movie, but for me that is another tale entirely. i What I can say is that this trailer left chills down my spine.

James Spader, fresh off of The Blacklist seems to be absolutely on point as Ultron. Spader’s voice over interspersed with the terrifying rendition of “I Have No Strings to Hold Me Down” fromĀ Pinnocchio was a sublime choice for creating the context of Ultron’s history and character. In addition to it’s chilling moments, the reveal of the Hulkbuster Armor was just the f***ing coolest thing I’ve seen all week.

For me personally, though, it was seeing Captain America’s shield split in half at the end of the trailer that really struck me to the core. Captain America is my favorite Avenger, and in light of all of the newly-revealed details of the upcoming Captain America 3 what could this mean for ‘Cap?

Holy s***.
Holy s***.

A good trailer leaves you wanting to see more while making you ask questions about what the movie could possibly have in store. The Age of Ultron trailer did that in (James) Spade(r)s. I can’t f***ing wait.

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