The Critical D-Cast – Top 10 Game Lists of 2014

2014 is over, and we’re movin’ on up to 2015. Join us as we take one last long look back as Matt, Mike and Brian sound off on their top 10 games of the year.


  1. What was the part in DR2 that made Ruben cry? He never said and I’m curious if it’s the same part I got all teary at.

  2. I don’t want to ruin any important plot details for any potential players, but………
    Basically it was the “results” of the 5th case and pretty much how the character that was guilty just had no control over his/her fate. Of course why this is sad only makes sense if you’ve played the game up till this point.
    Also special shout-outs to the surprise connection of the two culprits in the second case being kinda sad too.

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