EA Press Conference!

Who likes Star Wars? We like Star wars! And sports too, I guess…The conference is over, you’ll find our live impressions below!

1:01: And EA is live. Here we go.

1:02: Boy…this is definitely Mass Effect. And we’re back!

1:03: Mass Effect Andromeda gets it’s first reveal! Coming Next Winter.

1:04: Passion. Play. Ideas. Synergy. Buzzwords aplenty.

1:05: The year of Star Wars this year!

1:06: Need for Speed: Rebooted. Serious. And looking really really nice.

1:07: I’m down, Need For Speed Underground has always been one of my favorite franchises, and seeing it back to basics is the best.

1:09: Are we talking about the story of a Need for Speed game again? Yep.


1:11: Man, this car customization is REALLY cool. Fully customizable everything.

1:12: This open world they’re showing off looks REALLY nice, especially for Pre-Alpha footage.

1:14: The story is silly, the FMV is back, the customization is wild. I’m home.

1:14: Adding stuff to The Old Republic. It’s getting an expansion. That…fine…I guess…I wish it was KOTOR 3…

1:15: It’s called The Fallen Empire…and it’s coming this October.

1:17: Star Wars cinematics at their finest.

1:18: They’re focusing on trying to communicate with players to shape games. Good for them.

1:19: A new IP from EA, called Unravel. With a little yarn guy. the guy’s name is “Yarny.” The presenter is very Swedish.

1:22: Hes talking a lot about concepts of love and yarn…this is the most indie thing I’ve ever seen.

1:22: Man…if this game works as well as his concept then it could be really good…but what just happened?

1:23: All joking aside, it looks like a pretty nice puzzle platformer with some good concepts going for it.

1:25: So we’re gonna follow up a really nice game with great ideas…with a god damn zombie mascot? The producer should be…uhh…hmm

1:25: The first game was pretty good, I mean, not GREAT…but this looks…fine. Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2.

1:26: The concept of Zombies on the defense is new, not “must have” new.

1:29: I liked the first one, and this looks like more of that. So, you know…the art style is good, it runs well, and it’s pretty fun looking. if you want more of that.

1:33: If you bought a bunch of shit for GW1…well, it’ll be right back for you in GW2. And no DLC! Free content updates!

1:34: Oh…we’re in sports time…We’re getting a good look at some Hockey.

1:36: NHL 16 gets a good look with some in-game footage.

1:36: Tiger Woods and out…Rory McIlroy Golf is the new shit! Built entirely in Frostbite.

1:37: Madden Ultimate team is back.

1:38: Everybody’s favorite EA Sports game is back! somehow…

1:38: It looks like a solid entry…but we’ve been burned two years in a row…now let’s get our game face on.

1:39: Let’s see what the face looks like…it looks oooooookay.

1:40 I can get myself into the game…can I chill sith Steph Curry’s daughter…just…don’t use the word swag again.

1:41: It looks like a solid game with really solid animation…but I’m gonna need to see how it actually plays.

1:43 for a basketball game, this looks fine, but I’ve been bruned two years in a row from E3…so let’s hope they get their shit together.

1:44: Let’s talk about mobile…so…

1:45: That’s…mobile games…a lot of them. I mean, not a whole lot new, but the Need for Speed game looks okay, and a Star Wars game.

1:47: A Free to Play iPad game based around Minions. Kind of a rebuilding thing. That’s…fine…

1:48: For fans of the Minions IP, I’m sure they’re very excited…I’m not…really at all.

1:49: Pele is back, and Fifa is here! Now where’s my Corruption scandal mode….

1:50: Man, Pele was a really god damn good Soccer Player….and he’s here!

1:51: One on One time with Pele…some people remember Frost/Nixon, I remember EA/Pele.

1:53: Wasn’t this a video game conference? I mean…soccer is cool and all, but I don’t think I needed the history of Pele right now.

1:56: Oh, we can get back to video games now?

1:57: So…we’re just not gonna address the whole Fifa Scandal thing at all?

1:58: Yep, there’s some soccer right there.

1:59: Women’s teams are finally in the game, which is pretty exciting.

2:00: They’re really focusing soccer as “The beautiful game.”

2:01: Soccer looks like soccer. I’m sure it’ll be nice.


2:03: It looks really nice, it’s built in Frostbite.

2:03 the villain looks like a young Willem Dafoe alright.

2:04: It’s all open world, that’s pretty crazy.

2:05: February 23rd 2016. Be ready for Parkour.


2:07: Yep, that’s Madden.

2:07: Yeah. A great example of how the Patriots cheated their way to the superbowl. Bazinga.

2:08: Drafting is more drafty than ever.

2:10: So it’s fantasy football, but you actually play as your team instead of letting real players play. It makes sense though, why didn’t they add it sooner.

2:11: They’re improving the passing game, which was really neccessary according to Mike.

2:12: Madden 16: August 25th.

2:14: Let’s get a good look at Star Wars Battlefront!

2:16: Man…I love Star Wars.

2:17: Man…this looks really, really ┬ánice.

2:19: That game looks really, really, REALLY nice.

2:20: This gameplay trailer is looking really good. Explosions look nice, and driving an AT-AT is really god damn cool.

2:23: Flying around still looks really, really good. If it controls as well as it looks, it could be really, really fun.

2:24: That looks like battlefront. November 17th. I can’t wait.

2:25: We’re done here. Time to wrap up.

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