Sony Press Conference!

The Last Guardian? Final Fantasy VII? What’s the future? Coming up at 6PM.

6:01: Here we go! Sony time.

6:02: Sora from Kingdom Hearts showed up on screen as the song said fuck. lol.



6:06: How many years has it been?

6:07: So clearly this game will be awesome….but what IS it?

6:09: This game looks EXACTLY like it did seven years ago. Still looks incredible, but…what IS it?

6:12: Coming 2016…whatever it is!

6:14: Guerilla takes the stage! It’s time for a new IP from those Killzone guys.

6:15: It looks really nice…whatever it is.

6:17: That’s a Gameplay demo, and it looks pretty cool. Tribes and robots.

6:18: That robot looks really goddamn cool.

6:19: Whatever this game is, it has tremendous potential.

6:20: Horizon: Zero Dawn is what it’s called. It looks really cool!

6:21: Square Enix has a game, it’s really…modern looking.

6:22: That’s a new Hitman game. Who doesn’t love them some Hitman. It’s actually called Hitman. Just Hitman.

6:23: The Beta is first on Playstation.

6:24: Street Fighter V. I’m sure ruben and Moses are very excited.

6:25: The beta starts July 23rd.

6:25: Time for No Man’s Sky.

6:26: Space combat in MY adventure game?

6:27: The scale of this game is Staggering.

6:28: This is probably one of the craziest games I’ve ever seen.

6:29: Jesus, there is A LOT of stuff in this game.

6:30: There’s defender robots, and underwater explorations!

6:31: Carl Sagan has a good quote for this game.

6:32: Media Molecule is making a new video game!

6:33: The concept: Dreams

6:34: This game…it kinda freaks me out.

6:35: I mean, you get to create stuff…but man, I think this game isn’t for me.

6:37: Simply called dreams, it was….interesting?

6:37: Firewatch! this was an interesting concept.

6:39: Destiny: it’s back!

6:39: For all five of you still playing Destiny…there’s more Destiny.

9:42: Destiny: The Taken King announced. A new Expansion.

6:43: Back to London for Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

6:44: We get to see some weapons, throwing knives, cane swords, and stuff.

6:45: Final Fantasy time! It’s…uhh…cute?

6:46: This is adorable! World of Final Fantasy! Out for vita and PS4.

6:46: Coming 2016.

6:46: That’s the Lifestream. This is it. I can’t believe it.

6:47: This is something Final Fantasy 7 alright.

6:48: Holy shit, Final Fantasy VII, it’s actually getting a remake. ¬†First on Playstation.

6:50: Holy shit…they’re actually doing Shenmue.

6:52: Wow…it’s an announcement for a Kickstarter.

6:53: I don’t know if I like the precedent of announcing a kickstarter at a press conference.

6:55: And yeah, that’s Batman.

6:58: Now time for Project Morpheus.

6:59: e-Sports morpheus style. It’s VR alright.

7:00: Spotify. TV…stuff? It’s time to take a break from the hype.

7:01: Sot PlayStation View lets you subscribe to the channels you want to subscribe to, that’s pretty cool.

7:02: Call of Duty BOIII us up. Time to take a nap.

7:06: Four player co op is now a thing in COD.

7:07: Sure are a lot of people slippin’ around. It’s like CoD Slip N Slide.

7:09: Man, this looks like Call of duty alright, and I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

7:11: they have a lot more verticality, and some changes to the formula.

7:12: First on Playstation stuff for CoD. For the future of the franchise too.

7:15: Back to Disney Infinity now after a Sizzle Reel.

7:16: Disney Infinity is still a cool idea.

7:17: An exclusive starter pack for Disney Infinity on PS4.

7:18: A lot of timed exclusives for Infinity 3.0, including Boba fett.

7:19: Back to Battlefront.

7:20: A deeper look at how missions work in the game. Can be played Solo or Co-Op.

7:22: This looks polished as hell!

7:22: Don’t lie to us, Uncharted is getting something.

7:23: Yeah, this is Uncharted alright.

7:24: Live demo folks. Uncharted is not working.

7:25: Aaaaan, it’s working.

7:27: The destruction and particle physics are nice!

7:27: The combat is fluid, really nice for Uncharted.

7:29: Uncharted: Kart Racing: Tokyo Drifting

7:32: That is some Uncharted, and I can’t wait for Uncharted. Press conference is over, and that concludes day 1 of our coverage. Thanks everyone.


Our Sony conference wrap up live cast

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