Ubisoft Press Conference!

Will they make up for their transgressions? We’ll find out! Join us at 3:00!

3:00: Ubisoft is here!

3:01: Holy crap, more South Park!




3:03: Matt Stone. Trey Parker. Way to start it off right Ubisoft!

3:04: It’s not Obsidian anymore, it’s Ubisoft San Francisco. This is the last think I thought they would announce, but that’s a great announcement!

3:07: I appreciate how candid they are about how shitty they were last year.

3:08: Yves Guillermot. The man. The myth. The French.

3:09: Some new game from Ubisoft Montreal. Violence throughout the ages.

3:11: For Honor is the name of this new game, and it has Vikings, and Knights, and Samurai, oh my.

3:12: and we get a live demo!

3:12: the combat is handled very methodically. The ways duels are handled are really well, with how careful you have to land your hits. Kills are REALLY brutal though.

3:16: ForHonor.com to get into beta.

3:16: More expansion for The Crew. A game that I reached Max Level on…and appreciated…but I wouldn’t say that I liked

3:17: The Crew: Wild Run, an expansion is coming soon.

3:18: What the hell is Trials even doing anymore?

3:19: Trials Fusion: Awesome Max. It’s…some kind of something. An expansion.

3:20: Another extensive look at The Division incoming. RIP Tom Clancy.

2:10: They’re showing off “the dark zone,” a walled off area in the game that plays off player Paranoia.

2:23: It’s a nice looking demo so far. the world is interesting, player loot is a thing. In general the concept is still looking really, really strong.

3:25: MAN! That’s…man…backstabbing your teammates for the win. That is a really cool idea.

3:27: The game is going to be in Beta early next year. It’s also playable on the show floor at E3.

3:27: It will be released March 28th 2016.

3:28: Something new…and future-y

3:28: It’s in space, on Space cities.

3:30: It’s another Anno game!

3:31: Yo, you like future Sim City? I like future Sim City.


3:33: Hnnnnnnnng, that didn’t go well

3:33: Just Dance…is still around somehow.

3:34: Ladies and gentlemen…Jason Derulo…

3:35: Yeah…okay…this is Just Dance I suppose.

3:38: You can’t BE Jason Derulo…but you can be like him.

3:38: Just Dance 2016 is available on all platforms, this October.

3:40: Something else new. More on diseases.


3:42: Angela Basset is the star of rainbow Six Siege. Wow.

3:42: She’s an american treasure.

3:44: Genevieve Forget takes the stage…and she’s announcing Terror Hunt. The Single Player/Co Op mode.

3:45: A live Gameplay Demo. It’s looking very tactical like rainbow six.

3:48: this is no twitch shooter, it’s very technical in the execution of their gameplay.

3:51: For what it is as a tactical shooter, it looks like there’s nothing better. Really impressive.

3:52: Beta starts September 24th.

3:53: Trackmania is back on consoles. Crazy tracks, and crazy driving.

3:55: Trackmania TM: Turbo is a thing. And boy oh boy, is it crazy as hell.

3:57: Track Builder Mode will build tracks on the fly, so no two tracks will be the same.

3:58: VR demo is at the booth. That looks rad as hell.

3:58: Assassin’s Creed Syndicate shows up. What does it have on offer.

3:59: Or as I call it, Assassin’s Creed Guv’nor.

4:00: There’s an Ophanage. Prepare for Oliver Twist.

4:01: Assassin’s Creed Trains. Assassin’s Creed: Industrial revolution.

4:02: Assassin’s Creed: In the Pub

4:03: That is a very industrial revolution game.

4:04: They’re making it so easy to get it in peoples hands so they don’t screw up.

4:05: Oh…and one more thing

4:07: It’s very tactical, with a lot of Cocaine. And in Mexico.

4:08: Taking down the drug operations in Mexico. Boom. Explosions. Sniping.

4:11: Ghost recon is back! Ghost Recon Wildlands!


Our quick wrap-up of the Ubisoft Event:


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