Xbox Press Conference!

The conference is over now, The recap of everything happened.

9:32: We’re off to the races! After a sizzle reel with the…Superman…theme?

9:33: 343-Studios Bonnie ross comes up to talk about…well everything

9:35: We get out first real look at Halo 5: Guardians. It certainly looks like a god damn Halo game.

9:40: October 27th. It’s Halo Time. Halo Warzone.

9:45: Recore, by Keiji Inafune and the makers of Metroid Prime coming Next Spring.


9:49: New Super duper customizable controller.

9:53: We get to see more of the Super exciting Fallout 4! It’s still the best thing I’ve ever seen.

9:56: That power armor is really god damn cool. And the UI Changes!

9:59: Fallout 4 is moddable on Xbox One, and also comes bundled with Fallout 3.

10:00: EA Access is open to everyone for the week of E3. And PvZ Garden Warfare. 2.

10:03: PvZ Garden Warfare looks…fine…

10:03 I see cars…I guess that means Forza.

10:06: Yep, that’s Forza 6. Hard to believe there’s already six of them…September 15 ¬†2015

10:08 We’re seeing something new from…From Software. World Premier on Xbox One.

10:10: Dark Souls III confirmed, and we get a new trailer for The Division. It’s about time that game shows up.

10:15: Rainbow Six Seige  coming this October 15th 2015. And The Division is getting a exclusive Beta this winter.

10:17 Gigantic is a new arena game getting a Beta this summer…and a ton of Indies on Xbox get their time to shine.

10:20 Fullbright’s Tacoma will be on Xbox One exclusively.

10:22: Ashen, another indie exclusively on Xbox looks pretty alright. I wish I knew more about it.

10:22 Beyond Eyes, another exclusive on Xbox One, is about a blind girl exploring the world around her.

10:24 we get a look at cuphead, a steamboat willie inspired game that looks like an old school cartoon. coming 2016.

10:26: Xbox is doing Early Access…called Xbox Game Preview

10:27: Elite Dangerous coming to Xbox One TODAY. I know what I’m doing…

10:30: Tomb Raider coming holiday 2015…with a gameplay demo being shown off right now. It’s snowy. November 10th 2015.

10:37: 30 Rareware Classics for $30. that’s wonderful! Coming august 4th.

10:39: A new game from Rare? Wow, I think Hell froze over.

10:40: A PIRATE game from Rare? Sea of Thieves.

10:42: Fable Legends shows up. Cross played on Xbox One and PC.

10:44: Oculus rift + Xbox. You can stream Xbox One games on the rift.

10:46: Microsoft Hololens will allowe you to play minecraft in AR.

10:48: I…is this the future?

10:49: I…that is Augmented reality Minecraft. It’s really, pretty insane. It’s live minecraft where you can see everything that happens in the world.

10:51: Good luck following that, with just the first Gears remastered on Xbox One. Beta is out now on Xbox One.

10:52: Ooooh, an NEW Gears Game…or something.

10:58: It’s not Gears of War anymore. Gears 4, holiday 2016.

11:00: Wrapping up now…one last sizzle reel.


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