PC Conference!

…I don’t know what we’ll see here! Let’s look at the future!

6:01: They’re starting a computer alright.

6:02: Mt….Mt. Dew?

6:03: Let’s talk about some computers.

6:04: Let’s talk some Killing Floor 2.

6:06: So…they’re running this thing like the VGX.

6:06: I didn’t know I was watching the PC based Tonight Show.

6:07: I guess if you like zombie shooters, it doesn’t get much better.

6:08: “The gore and guts spilling everywhere is hilarious” – Day[9] 2015

6:09: Guts floating in blood is apparently video games.

6:10: A new reveal, right now: It’s in the jungle alright.

6:11: They’re playing a CCR sone, so it’s clearly in ‘Nam.

6:12: Rising Storm 2 Vietnam. I mean, it’s about time for a Nam game.

6:13: Wow, we’re actually seeing Star Citizen.

6:14: If this game actually is everything they say it is…it will be INCREDIBLE. If it isn’t it will be the greatest failure in the history of video games.

6:16: AMD is here to show us some AMD stuff.

6:17: That’s…a video card alright.

6:19: DX 12 is coming soon, I suppose. They’re looking to deliver maximum value out of their hardware.

6:21: Showing off some more graphics cards. It’s like he’s trying to sell me something in my living room.

6:22: Deus Ex, back in PC.

6:24: Recapping what we learned earlier today in SE’s conference.

6:25: Let’s take a good look at the Dawn Engine. There’s a lot of objects on the screen alright. “The game is about clutter.”

6:27: Wow, we’re getting some gameplay footage…which they didn’t even show at their own conference.

6:28: It looks like they fixed gunplay from the first game, and it looks like stealth is a much more viable option. Good improvements.

6:29: Halflife3confirmedilluminati

6:30: Total War is still cool.

6:31: Total War Warhammer looks like Total War…and that’s a good thing.

6:32: I took me way too long to remember that Tears for Fears originally sang Everybody Wants to rule the World.

6:35: Is…is this Xbox Conference 2.0?

6:36: Windows 10 coming out in July, of course.

6:38:  Killer Instinct coming to PC, and you’ll be able to play back and forth with Xbox One.

6:39: Fable Legends devs are coming up to talk about their Co-Op Fable games.

6:39: They’re pushing “Windows 10 PC” SUPER hard.

6:40: Fable Legends will be cross platform between Xbox One and PC.

6:42: Now we’re getting a look at Gigantic, also cross platform.

6:43: Another third person MOBA, with different character sets.

6:45: The  closed beta for Gignatic will begin in August…with an Open Beta later this year.

6:46: Gears of War Ultimate Edition is coming to PC.



6:51: Alright, let’s talk the future of VR.

6:51: EVE Valkyrie is the thing. Being in space with the VR.

6:52: Remember that EVE FPS that worked so well? I hope this is better than that.

6:53: It’s REALLY HARD to demo VR. but showing a person’s reaction to it is probably not the way to do it.

6:55: For a space game, it looks pretty cool. Flying through space and shootin’ things.

6:56: Cutting out spreadsheets for combat. Maybe I can actually get into EVE Valkyrie.

6:57: DayZ’s creator is now speaking about the challenges of being popular on Steam Greenlight. Or early access, rather.

6:59: Space is the place to be. ION shows up again.

7:00: We’re showing very little about the game. We don’t have a timeframe. We only have a concept.

7:03: That was…interesting…

7:04: We’re showing off a Kickstarter game called Strafe. This is some Doom ass Doom.

7:04: This…this is just Doom. I think we’re just regressing back to the past.

7:06: I think blocky “Minecraft” graphics are just in vogue lately. I’m sure someone is really excited for this game.

7:07: #borderlands2alreadydidit

7:07: This…exists…

7:08: Now I’m excited! Pillars of Eternity: The White March. Good!

7:09: Obsidian takes the stage!

7:09: All of the stuff you expect from an expansion is here! It’s a full on expansion!

7:12: Kickstarter is still around. Tread carefully on Kickstarter is basically what i’ve learned from this.

7:13: You know what this conference needs? A little bit of MR. CAFFEINE!

7:14: Time to get up on that Elite Dangerous!

7:15: “A revival of a great genre. Available for pre-order now!”



7:17: Planet Coaster. It’s tight.

7:17: Guild Wars 2 shows up, and they’re showing what guild halls look like.

7:20: “That looks like a lot of shit.” Yes sir, yes it does.

7:21: I legitimately like the concept of capturing your guild hall first.

7:23: The Guild Wars Beta is starting right now!

7:24: His Mic’s dead…but we’re here to talk about Hitman.

7:25: It’s a lot of the same stuff we’ve seen earlier today.

7:28: This conference has been happening for about an hour and a half…and I don’t think anything new has really been said. Pillars of Eternity was probably the coolest thing we’ve seen.

7:30: Benchmarks. This is certainly a PC conference.

7:31: “It’s all about 4k.”

7:32: Radeon R9 Fury X. It will be their flagship card moving forward.

7:33: R9 Nano is the smallest 4k graphics card. It doesn’t look like a graphics card.

7:33: Homie has more briefcases than Seto Kaiba.

7:34: What…is that? Is…that a computer?

7:35: OPEN. THE. CASE.

7:35: DUAL. GPU. CARD.


7:36: So…one more guest…just…make it stop please. I feel like I’m in a perpetual hell.

7:37: So the people that made Arma are on stage. So let’s see another expansion for Arma.

7:38: It looks PRETTY.

7:39: Arma III Tanoa. A new terrain. Well…it’s another thing for Arma. I’m sure someone will like it a lot.

7:42: Beyond Eyes shows up. that game looks like it could be pretty goddamn cool.

7:45: The art style does look absolutely beautiful.

7:46: Splash damage shows up, and they’re talking about Dirty Bomb. It’s their first game they completely own.

7:53: Amnesia devs are on stage.

7:54: Amnesia devs have a new horror game! Soma.

8:01: This conference has literally circled around upon itself. it’s called take on Mars.

8:02: Cliffy B is on stage!

8:05: We’re still waiting on a title for this game.

8:06: Now we know: Cliffy B loves CS:GO a LOT.

8:07: Oh, it was called Boss Key? Ok

8:08: Enter the dungeon, featuring 2-player co-op! Bullet-hell-dungeon-crawler sounds kinda fun.

8:11: Enter the dungeon is Ikaruga + Dark Souls + HAPPY TIMES LIGHT WHIP!

8:12: 2 hours and 12 minutes later, Blizzard finally shows up. HotS? Overwatch?

8:13: We’re jumping into Heroes of the Storm: Eternal Conflict first, looks great as always, but still hoping for Overwatch news.

8:14: This trailer is announcing Leoric and a Diablo 3 bard class character without actually saying it.

8:15: Looks like all of the new content will hit at the same time on June 30th. There goes the 1-at-a-time release schedule. (thank god)

8:16: Leoric never actually dies, well that’s new.

8:17: Ok, so it was a Monk, but FINALLY Diablo Support character!

8:19: Day9 drops the “Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void” bomb, let’s hear it.

8:21: Three prologue missions to lead into the expansion?

8:22: Revolved around Zeratul, good idea to have since we didn’t see much of him in Heart of the Swarm.

8:23: Prologue is free to everyone, but early to pre-purchasers.

8:24: Final guest time…… No Man’s Sky!

8:26: PS4 and PC simultaneous release date.

8:28: So the bots that you have to fight on the planets are actually going around and visiting planets like you are.

8:30: Looks like it’s finally a wrap! That was the very first PC conference at E3 ever folks, not sure if I want to see it again.

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