Pre-TGS Sony Japan Press Conference 2015 Run Down

Japan Studio…I Don’t Think I’m Ready…I Can’t Handle It



Gravity Rush 2, my lord and savior. I’ve been waiting forever. Looks like Raven is here to help, maybe she’s playable? Seriously, if Metal Gear Solid didn’t exist, this would be my favorite game series ever.

Also GR1 remake, both for PS4


Ubisoft Time

For Honor. Pretty graphics, not sure what else more, some sort of class-based dueling game.

AC Syndicate. Jack the Ripper: DLC? I think it’s just part of the game, which makes me wonder why they bothered showing it as a separate entity.



Yakuza: Kiwami. Seems like a remake. Oh, they’re also making a 6th one as well, to be shown later at TGS.


Time For Various Short Trailers From Various Developers

KING OF FIGHTERS 14 NEXT YEAR BABY! I’m a little more excited for this than most people.

Just Cause 3, but we knew this already.

Phantasy Star Online 2 for PS4 teaser. We knew this was coming as well, but the graphics do seem a bit better as promised. Looking forward to seeing more at TGS as well.


Bandai Namco, Because Why Not

One Piece Burning Blood fighting game. Still not excited like I am for KOF 14, looks like every other 3D anime fighting game.

Time to throw Vita a bone, here’s a Gundam game: Extreme Versus Force


Koei Tecmo, Time For Dead or Alive Volleyball?

Sangokushi? Japan sure loves its Sengoku period warring games.

New KoeiTec IPs up first is? Nevermind, it’s just Toukiden 2. At least Vita gets it as well.

Ninja Gai-Samurai? Nioh? Well that is a new name, although I’m pretty sure イニ王 is pronounced Inioh, but whatevever.


Square Enix? Time To Steal Another Show I Guess.

I think we’re just going to see the same games they revealed at EVO, but we have new trailers it seems.

World of Final Fantas., I still can’t get on board with the chibi models, this is for somebody, and that person isn’t me. Yay, more Vita support though.

Star Ocean 5, now THIS I can get on board with. Graphics look phenomenal for an anime styled game.

SaGa Scarlet Grace….and here I thought we had more Nier. That trailer showed us all of nothing. BUT WAIT! Vita Exclusive!

Here comes more of that Kingdom Hearts we’ve been waiting year and years for. Or, something else? HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, what on actual earth is even going on anymore? Comes with 3 games. Didn’t we already have that?

FF15 to be shown more at TGS


From Software, MY BODY IS READY!

Yup, Dark Souls 3. I’m really liking the Bloodborne-esque feel it’s retaining.


More Random Stuff

Project Diva Future Tone. Because we don’t have enough Miku on the Vita yet.


Atlus? Persona 5 Time?

Nope, looks like Odin’s Sphere? Nope, some new IP. VanillaWare still keeping with that art style, and now we have mechs.


Capcom: New SF5 Character Reveal?


Awwww, it’s just a HD remix of the games. This must be the 4th? RE4 remake?

RE: Umbrella Corp. Competitive Shooter? I don’t play RE for the multiplayer competition, I play to plaster zombie parts all over the walls with my shotgun.


Spike-Chunsoft, Danganronpa Please?

I don’t know where to start with this game: 2D side-scrolling, VN dialogue, 3D monster fights. It’s called Exist-Archive.

This guy on stage is wearing a Danganronpa shirt, PLEASE GIVE IT TO ME!


What are all of these Monokumas? I don’t think this is the 3D shooting spin-off title that I was expected, AND THIS IS A GOOD THING. New Danganronpa V3, is its name, subject to change apparently.


I’m Not Even Sure Where We Went Now

But we’re on Dragon Quest Heroes 2, I personally have never played one, but it’s clearly popular. Looks like more production is going into it than the previous titles.

If the Square Enix logo didn’t slap my face, I’d have never guessed whatever this is was made by them.

Minecraft Zelda? Or they’re trying their best to get sued by Nintendo, we’ll find out any minute. Nevermind, Dragon Quest Builders. I still think this main character looks like a Link rip-off. They’re describing this game as a new genre called “Block-RPG”, so Minecraft.


Do You Like Indie? ‘Cause We’re About To Try And Sell A Bunch Of Games At Once

I’d try to describe each game but I’ve seen no less than 10 titles within a span of 30 seconds. One of them had a squid guy spazzing out on a billiards table though, so that’s a thing.

Oh, since we’re already talking about games that nobody cares about, here’s Call of Duty BLOPS 3. So so so so very popular in Japan *cough*

The white-guy head of Treyarch just said “Konnichiwa”, this was all worth it.


Sony And Their PS4 Stuff Time

New color plates for Playstation 4 consoles, now you can be the color you’ve always wanted to be, or at least half of it. Oooh, Gold, Silver, Steel Black, and Crystal controllers as well, I kinda want these.

Wireless surround sound headset, available if you don’t bother buying an actual quality one.

This guy is “Supposed to act very excited for this BIG reveal” this big news IS! Playstation NOW. Well now I know why he couldn’t even pretend to be excited. They should’ve stuck this in the Indie section.

Ok, now this might be interesting, Virtual Reality news.

Oh boy, they’re using the PS Moves, I thought they’d already ditched those things. Like, more dead than the Microsoft Kinect dead.

Now Japan can completely ignore real relationships and have dates with their 2d waifus whenever they want.

I think at this point we’re waiting and hoping for some Persona 5 and The Last Guardian news.

PLAYSTATION 4 PRICE CUT! We’re at at 35,490 yen, aka ~$350 bucks. Right on scheduled for that Christmas time that plagues Japa- oh wait.

Wrapping up the conference, there was no P5 or TLG news, but maybe we’ll see them at TGS. Instead here’s a really weird commercial where people say they can’t do anything to a melody.

And now another commercial that’s trying to convince us that the PS Vita isn’t dead. To be fair, it’s like my favorite console ever, so I’m happy with whatever support Sony is willing to throw at it. Seems to be much more successful in Japan at least.


My Two-Cents On The Conference

I’m not sure if they put Gravity Rush/Daze 2 first to hype people up, or as a prologue to whatever they deem as being a greater reveal. To me, having it in the beginning really brought my hype levels down for the rest of the conference because there wasn’t much else I could have expected to follow it up. The King of Fighters 14 reveal was unexpected, but personally very exciting, but I suppose Sony feels otherwise because it got all of 10 seconds randomly inserted into the show. I already knew that Phantasy Star Online 2 was going to have some PS4 footage at TGS, but seeing a teaser now was welcome, I am still interested in how far they went with upgrading the graphics for the console, will they upgrade the PC version as well?

Danganronpa 3 is another unexpected surprise, as a big fan of the series I was afraid they weren’t planning on more after they made Another Episode, a spinoff game, but I sure am glad I was wrong. We didn’t get the SF5 character reveal, but honestly it makes sense that they would save it for TGS. The same goes for both Persona 5 and The Last Guardian. Again, there were more teasers from Square Enix on their projects, nothing from FF15 or 7 yet, but we did see a bit more Star Ocean 5, which I am looking forward to the most out of their collection. We’re getting two more Hatsune Miku Project Diva games for the Vita, which means these must be selling like hotcakes, but I guess I’m not helping in that regard either.

Last of note would be the Japan domestic Playstation 4 price drop to 35,490 yen, what does this mean for the price in the US? You can already find one almost anywhere for about that price, but maybe we’ll get a price drop soon as well? My guess would be before Christmas, and that helps me out a bit.

Alright, we’re done folks. See you again for TGS.


  1. 30 years later….

    HERE’S KINGDOM HEARTS 2.999999999910284 *subtitle*

    it’ll reach the point where Tetsuya Nomura and Shinji Hashimoto reach Gaben Status…..

  2. Yeah, but on the bright side if/when 3 comes out, then on the way to making #4 10 years later, they can make an interim game called Kingdom Hearts: Pi.

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