Wanna see how you would end the world?

In one of the more brilliant pieces of marketing that I’ve seen in a long time, Ubisoft’s collpase give you some insight into exactly how you could end the world.

Before I go on, it’s really best if you play it yourself. It’ll take about 5 minutes, and it’ll be one of the cooler things you’ll see all day. You can find it here.

This, of course, stems from The Division, which is in and of itself a game about reacting to a global outbreak of a disease, and trying to maintain order in a world just on the cusp of falling apart. Marketing materials for the game have have been talking about how it’s using real-world models for tactical response to an outbreak like this, and Collapse is an extension of that. You type in your current location, and you become patient zero of a smallpox-esque disease. It then shows you, using real hypothetical models how the disease would spread based on your own decisions, and your geographical area.


In general, it’s pretty fascinating, and it certainly fits in with the theme of The Division. This is the kinda marketing I’m okay with.

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  1. Sup Brian,

    Collapse is pretty cool.

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