E3Stravaganza 2016: Microsoft Live Blog

It’s 2016 and E3 is still around, so we’re still around too.

Come, join us in watching Microsoft’s E3 stream. Will there be Halo Wars 2? (Probably) Deadrising 4? (Probably) Phanotm Dust? (…)

We Shall see! Conference starts at 9:30AM Pacific.

EDIT: Stream is over, come look at all of what was announced below!

9:31: Beginning on a heavy note…a shout out to the families of those affected in Orlando.

9:32: Starting off heavy, with the new Xbox One S. It’s certainly thinner.

It’s also got a brand new controller with a nice bevelled back. Get your own for $299.

9:34: Time to look at some Gears of War. Rod Fergusson comes out to talk about. Xbox Play anywhere is announced. When you buy a game on Xbox, you also get it on PC and it supports Cross Play.

9:38: Some Gears of War gameplay shows up. The game looks good and runs well. If you’ve played a Gears of War game, you know what you’re in for.

9:43: Microsoft thinks we’re babies and won’t play cuss words.

Gears of War 4: October 11th: 2016.

9:44: Switching over to Killer Instinct, the most played fighting game on Xbox One.

9:45: Remember General Raam? Well, he’s playable in Killer Instinct now.

9:46: Forza time. Great looking environments and cool cars.

9:48: Forza Horizon 3 officially announced.

The game now takes place in Australia. It’s also got drop in drop out gameplay. September 27th, 2016.

9:52: Finally, getting a good look a Re:Core that was announced last year. Showing some of the characters. Coming September 2016.

9:54: Square Enix comes out and gives us the Final Fantasy 15.

The demo shows off a 3 way battle between out heroes, Titan, and an opposing army.

9:58: Whoever played this wasn’t very good at Final Fantasy XV.

9:59: The Division comes back, showing off some of what’s coming up in future DLC. First on Xbox One. Underground Expansion, coming June 28th. With randomly generated dungeons.

10:00: Battlefield 1 comes back after last night’s EA shitshow. SHOWING. THE. SAME. GOD. DAMN. TRAILER. FOR. THE. THIRD. GOD. DAMN. TIME. EA. WHAT. ARE. YOU. DOING. ANYMORE. October 21st is when it comes out.

10:30: Taking a moment to show off some engineering stuff.

Background Music, Region specificity and Cortana coming to Xbox.

Clubs on Xbox Live? Lets you create communities based on specific games and places. Sort of like sub reddits.

Looking for group added to Xbox Live, adds ways to find new players to group up with.

Arena for Xbox Live, allows people to compete and add tournaments for games.

10:07: Oh yeah, Microsoft owns Minecraft. The Friendly Update. It’s the friendliest update ever. Adds realms, servers and more across devices. That included XBL to iPad crossover.

Everyone’s buddy John Carmack from Oculus is here! Showing Minecraft on Gear VR working with realms.

Add ons will be added to all versions of Minecraft this fall. And Realms will come to Minecraft next year.

10:13: Design your own new Xbox Controller. Colors, engraving all that.

10:14: The Creators of Limbo are making a new game. It’s called inside. Coming June 29th. Also, Limbo is free right now.

10:15: Let’s talk ID@Xbox Indies. Cuphead, Outlast 2, Deliver Us The Moon, Far, Slime Rancher. STARDEW GODDAMN VALLEY. Microsoft is actually doing some great stuff with indies.

Ark is getting Windows 10 Evereywhere, what with the cross buy and cross play.

10:18: Indie game called We Happy Few to launch on game preview next month. It’s about taking your Joy drugs and getting happy. But FIGHT THE MAN. It seems very moody and cinematic. It’s really, really creepy. Man, that’s looking great.

10:23: CDPR shows off some Witcher stuff. It’s Gwent. Gwent is getting it’s own game. Single player campaign, cross play between PC and Console. If you’ve played The Witcher 3, you’re familiar with how Gwent works. Coming September 16th.

10:27: You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me. TekkenxStreet Fighter is really happening. This is a game I was 100% sure would never exist.

10:30: Or, maybe they’re just putting Akuma in Tekken 7. That’s your fucking TxSF.

10:31: All Xbox Live players get a free copy of Tekken Tag 2.

10:31: My main man Frank West is back in Dead Rising 4. Coming Holiday 2016.

10:34: Basically every Microsoft game coming out from now on is cross buy/play.


Scalebound will have co-op, as is evidenced by this co-op trailer. FINALLY, some Scalebound gameplay! That game looks rocking. Coming 2017.

10:40: Pirates and sea shanties. Looks like we’re seeing Rare’s Sea of Thieves finally!

Side note: Boy, they have some production values at this conference.

10:42: Sea of thieves will be multiplayer. They set people to play the game together with no tutorial, and now they’re showing the gameplay.

The game looks good, I mean you’re doing pirate things. I just wish those YouTubers would shut up for a minute so we could learn the game. Coming 2017.

10:46: Another game with zombies. Driving around, exploring post apocalypse and smacking dead guys. State of Decay 2. Some people really liked the first one.

10:48: And Halo Wars 2 gets a trailer! The sequel to everyone’s favorite “Select all units” simulator. Two generals enter…one army leaves.

Coming February 21st 2017.  A weeklong beta for the game is launching this week starting right now.

10:52: Phil Spencer is back, talking the console itself. We’re talking…the FUTURE OF XBOX.

10:56: Wow…they’re actually showing off Scorpio.

10:58: The next edition to the Xbox One family, Project Scorpio, is coming in 2017. They say it’s “the most powerful console ever built, and will lead the industry into 4K gaming.” Coming Holiday 2017.

All games will play on all consoles Bone, Bone S and Scorpio, no one gets left behind.

And it’s time for the final sizzle reel, what with all the games we just saw.

All things considered, that was a really damn good conference.

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