E3Stravaganza 2016: Ubisoft Press Conference

What are the odds of a return of Mr. Caffeine? That’s my one wish, a return for Mr. Caffeine.

Also, Watch_Dogs 2, Ghost Recon Wildlands, more stuff for The Division. BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL 2?!?!

We’ll see, starting at 1PM.


UPDATE: Stream is over, and we’re done here. There was some good stuff in there, read the conference notes below.

1:02 Mercifully, Ubisoft is getting Just Dance out of the way early. So there’s a new Just Dance game this year, and it does in fact have Freddy Mercury.

1:03: And there’s queen Ubisoft, Aisha Tyler.

1:04: Sympathies to Orlando. We stand with you.

1:05: Just Dance 2017 to all platforms AND the Nintendo NX.

1:07: Mike and I are taking drinks everytime ladywood happens. And it’s happened twice. Happy 30th birthday Ubisoft.

1:08: Time for a good look at Ghost Recon Wildlands. It looks like Ghost Recon. Also, we’re really against drug lords in Ghost Recon land.

Bolivia. The Coco leaf. Los droagas. It’s about what would happen if a Mexican drug cartel took over Bolivia and made it a Cocaine factory.

“The largest open world Ubisoft has ever done.” Boy, I hope it actually has stuff in it.

So we see some gameplay now, of the different ways you’re able to tackle situations. Complete with Ubisoft patented “Guys talking on camera.”

It is a lot of of scanning the base, and deciding how to take it on. Marking targets, and moving around at a team to take down targets.

Getting on bikes, getting in trucks. And still, people don’t actually talk like this. No one calls bad guys “tangos,” they call them “dudes,” or “Guys.”

All in all, I’m impressed. Ghost Recon Wildlands could be a lot of fun.

It’ll be released March 7th 2017.

1:22: Something else, about criminal activity and ‘MURICA. Here’s what it is: SOUTH PARK FRACTURED BUT WHOLE.


It’s a legitimate sequel to Stick of Truth. You’re still the new kid, and instead of fantasy they’re playing superheroes now. It’s a sendup of Captain America: Civil War.

This is South Park alright. It looks and feels like South Park.

There’s a quest in this game where you try to get Kanye West’s mom into heaven. Jesus.

This is 110% South Park. And that’s perfect.

The new game’s combat has a tactical edge now, with partially tile based movement.

Somehow they did it again, South Park looks incredible.

If you pre-purchase fractured but whole, you get Stick of Truth for free.

Coming out December 6th this year.

1:37: Now we talk about what’s coming up for The Division

The Underground Expansion will be out June 28th on Bone and PC, and in July on PS4.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Ubisoft, they’re giving away 3 Ubisoft related outfits for all players.

Another new expansion. The Survival expansion. The weather gets worse in New York and you’ve gotta find a way to survive the storm.

1:43: Talking about VR. We’ll hear about Eagle Flight from Palmer Luckey, the Oculus man himself. Palmer looks like he’s ready for a day at the beach.

This will be a PVP demo, where one of two teams of eagles have to capture a piece of prey and take it back to their nests.

It looks like some fun, being able to fly around and through the busted up Paris. The other team’s goal is to shoot down the person with the prey and grab it themselves. The game looks good.

1:50: A new game from Ubisoft Red Storm.

A new Star Trek game, where you take over the bridge of the Enterprise. It’s called Star Trek Bridge Crew.

It’s a really cool idea, and it seems like it works really well! Getting four people together to literally control the enterprise.

1:54: LeVar Burton is here! He says it’s better than the real thing. It involves a lot of teamwork to get people to work together and make the ship do what you want it too.

It’s coming out this fall on all major VR systems.

1:59: Now, there’s a wheat field. And a castle. And an earthquake.

Knights, Vikings and Samurai. This is For Honor.

It looks like it’s not just a multiplayer game, but it does have a single player component.

Each of the factions has their own stories and reasons for fighting. The Vikings want some loot from the Samurai.

This game looks like Dynasty Warriors with more heavy hitting combat.

Yep, that’s For Honor. Brutal combat and lots of soldiers. Coming February 14th, 2017.

2:13: Ubisoft Reflections, makers of Grow Home, are coming out with a new game, called Grow Up, it’s a sequel to Grow Home.

2:16: Two dudes on stage in bacon suits came on stage and now there’s fire. Red Lynx, the makers of Trial announce a very 90s looking Ubisoft game.

God…this is Trials alright…but it’s…an acid trip. It’s a fucking Trials game in the Far Cry Blood Dragon universe. And it’s out now.

2:19: Apparently Assassin’s Creed the movie is “going super multi platform.”

The producer of the movie is talking about the upcoming movie. It certainly exists.

We get a bit of a behind the scenes look at the game, and what’s gone into making it. It certainly looks like an Assassin’s Creed movie.

2:27: Let’s head to the Bay Area. Watch_Dogs 2. Take down Facebook! Stop Politics!

So we now know that the main character/hacker has a lil drone he can throw out to look inside buildings. You use your hacking abilities to move through the building and take pictures. Still has a lot of infiltration necessary, and using hacking to use the environment to your advantage. Also, the soundtrack is fresh to death.

Watch_Dogs 2: Kill Facebook. Coming November 2016.

2:38: The master of Ubisoft, Yves Guillmot is on stage.

Sony’s here, and they’re partnering with Ubisoft. They’re making a god damn Watch_Dogs movie.

DLC Packs will come to Playstation 30 days before anywhere else.

So far as cinematic trailers go, it doesn’t get much better than that.

2:43: Yves is back, and he’s got a big announcement.

A “New IP.” in a “completely new genre.”

It’s an open world action sports game, seems a lot like SSX.

It’s called Steep, and it’s a snowboarding/skiing/wingsuiting game. And it seems really cool. (get it?)

Gameplay footage: Begins with a person flying over a mountain, in a parachute. When he lands, it shows off Mountain View (not in california) where you can see all of the mountains in a range that you can do extreme sports.

Next, we see some of the Snowboarding and skiing gameplay. It’s all played in the first person, a’la GoPro, and the animations all look great.

It also allows you to watch your entire line as you go down the mountain, and capture any moment.

Shared world gameplay also seems like a big draw to the game. You find other players as you drop down the mountain and check Mountain View.

The game ships this December.

2:55: Yves Guillmot comes back out on stage, and says some inspiring words about the future of Ubisoft.

2:58: And sizzle reel, and it looks like we’re done here.

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