E3Stravaganza 2016: Sony Press Conference

So at last year’s conference, they didn’t announce a single game that came out that same year. Do you think that’ll change this year?

We’ll likely see Horizon Zero Dawn, Call of Duty, The Last Guardian and some other stuff.

Conference starts at 6PM.

Confrence is over, read the verbatim below.

6:00: The live orchestra is warming up.

Also, for some reason, there’s a live orchestra.

6:04: This is a press conference right?

6:05: What…why is God of War vikings?

No seriously, why is God of War Vikings now?

So, there’s zombie monster dudes coming out, and there’s definitely God of War combat. This is certainly God of War.

This is legitimately: “We did 4-5 God of War games about Greece, what can we do now…Norse?”

The new God of war is called “God of War.” And it’s vikings.

Shout out to Orlando. We stand with you.

6:19: Bend studio shows up to the party. They did Uncharted: Golden Abyss. It’s post apocalyptic.

It’s a new IP, called “Days Gone.”

6:21: We’re finally seeing more of The Last Guardian, including what looks like Gameplay footage. Coming October 25th, 2016.

6:23: Horizon: Zero Dawn shows up for a while, including more gameplay footage.

Shows off the “Focus Scan” mode, that lets you see the monsters and their weak points.

Yes, of course there’s crafting. And slingshot EMPs. It shows the main character wrangling a Robo-yak to the ground and riding it.

We see an extended look at setting traps, elemental based combat and the different kinds of bow-weapons you can use.

And that’s Horizon: Zero Dawn.

6:31: Quantic Dream. They’re showing off their new “cinematic experience” called Detroit.

The animation looks really, really good. It’s basically LA Noire in the future with David Cage.

Detroit: Become Human. Coming sometime soon.

6:35: Switching gears to a VR game…A SPOOKY VR game.

It’s a very spooky kitchen.


It’s looking pretty good, and very spooky. It’s playable beginning to end in VR. Coming January 26, 2017.

Playstation VR: coming October 13th, with 50 games coming from launch to the end of the year. 399 USD.

6:42: Title card: Impulse Gear. There’s a desert and a gun.

Suddenly, giant fucking spider. Don’t VR This if you don’t like spiders. It’s called Farpoint.

Playstation VR: Star Wars. FLY THE X Wing. Called Battlefront: X-Wing mission.

6:44: Batman shows up, with a Joker VO. Batman VR. Coming October 2016.

6:46: And Final Fantasy XV shows up again, with a cinematic trailer.

Oh my god…Final Fantasy XV VR  Experience. That looks…not very fun.

6:48: Looking at another FPS Space game. Lets see some Cawadoody.

As Call of Duty actually has space battles now.

The year of the grappling hook continues. Also, the shooting looks surprisingly good for CoD. It certainly looks interesting.

6:54: Modern Warfare 4 Remaster is also getting some love.

It looks really good for a remaster.

6:56: So, uhh…Crash Bandicoot.

So the original three Crash Bandicoot games will be remade for PS4. Also, Crash Bandicoot is coming to Skylanders Imaginators.

6:58: Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens. We knew it was happening.

I do love me some Lego games…and it does look funny. Demo available right now.

7:01: Andrew House is now Andy House.



7:02:  That’s a baby connected to Daryl from Walking Dead.

This is the most Kojima thing that ever Kojima’d.

Death Stranding.

7:06: Insomniac is making a Spider Man game. It looks really good, like a Spider Man game should.

7:09: we’re getting a live gameplay demo of Wild Hogs 2: Days Gone.

He made a silencer out of a can.

So it looks like these guys are fighting lots of ghouls.

That is a metric fuck ton of ghouls.

It looks pretty alright. Lots of bad guys, lots of barrels.

Here’s the Sizzle reel, all the game we just saw, and a couple more. Including Attack on Titan. And we’re done here.

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