The King of Fighters 14: Follow-up Review

Get ready for the largest fighting tournament the PS4 has ever seen.

The King of Fighters 14 is here, and it delivers.



Not too long ago I wrote about the freshly-released KoF 14 demo, where I delved pretty deep into the system mechanics and the way the game differed as a fighting game from previous iterations, so now with the full game on our hands, I’d like to touch base on what features the game has to offer.



As I mentioned in the aforementioned earlier post, this game boasts a crazy 50 playable characters, something we haven’t seen in a long time, and probably will not see for awhile longer. The most impressive part of this though, is the fact that SNK is able to make almost every character feel very unique, and you won’t be hearing people saying “Oh this character X is just a clone of character Y”. With only 7 characters in the demo, I already spent over 2 hours in training mode, and now with 50 I’ve been wasting maybe a little too much time trying out all the fun characters and their respective trial challenges. With that being said, let’s touch on the modes we have in the full release at launch.


King of Fighters 14 unloads the usual fighting game modes at the main menu, including: Story, Versus, Training, Onlineii, Mission, Tutorial, and then a gallery of unlockables. Within Mission there’s Trial where you attempt, and hopefully succeed at 5 pre-determined combos for each character, Time Attack where you try to beat 10 opponents in a row as fast as you can to get the highest record possible, and Survival where you see how many opponents you can beat before losing. I’m sure the other aforementioned modes are pretty self-explanatory, but I’d like to touch on Story mode for a bit nowiii.



Let me save you guys some headaches here, play the story mode as full canon teams, don’t mix and match if you’re trying to unlock endings. You play through 3 on 3 fights to progress through the King of Fighters tournament, and unlockables can happen depending on what team you’re playing and which particular character is against another particular character. For instance I was fighting against Athena, and my K’ got knocked out so out comes my Love Heart nextiv, but before the fighting resumed they had a unique interaction dialogue, which I’m guessing I never would have gotten had I beaten Athena with K’. I’d like to assume that there are many of these interactions, but they’re probably just going to be hidden treats that the community will either have to share information on, or maybe some company will get an inside tip to write a strategy guide.  Again, I don’t want to go too deep into story mode since we’re not trying to spoil anything, but I figured I’d give you guys trying to find more lore or fan-service in the story a little heads up.


All in all, this game is fantastic, and a great sequel to an amazing KoF13. I hope this game becomes a popular entry with people playing for a good while, and I think it’d be a great addition to the EVO lineup for 2017.

If anybody would like more in-depth information on the system mechanics and how the actual fighting game portion of the game plays out, refer to the article I mentioned earlier here.

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