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We are a small group of fans that cover a variety of entertainment avenues including, but not limited to: Anime, Video Games, Sports, Movies, NOT-Video Games, etc.

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I f***ing love Disneyland. And Marvel.

In some ways, this site is kind of a dream come true, albeit a simple one. I graduated from ASU with a degree in journalism with the hopes of writing about games and anime and stuff, and while I’m not getting paid for it or anything, here I am writing about games and anime and stuff. I’ve been writing about video games for about as long as I can remember. And as far as anime is concerned, nothing makes me happier than sitting down and watching some good old ridiculous shounen.  I’ve written for several gaming sites in the past, and even got to cover E3 one fateful year for gamesindustry.biz, but starting this site really means the most to me.

This has become a sort of passion project for me, and I would love for you all to jump on with me as we cruise the sweet, sweet D-Waters together.  Also, apparently we’re sailors for some reason because I keep coming back to that analogy. Thank you all for stopping by, and I hope you’ll keep on coming because I know I will.

-Brian “XIIIBlades” Bishop

Reach me at brian@thecriticald.com


I watch anime. Hell, I watch a lot of it. But I’m not all about that. I play games, I watch sports, debate MMA,  think about Lebron James’ left block post game and Derrick Rose’s pipe cleaner knee ligaments, run Text-Based Baseball Simulations, and use Tenga cups as my table decor. I’m your modern day renaissance man…more or less. Because of that I have a lot of thoughts, feelings, and opinions that I like to express that I didn’t really have an outlet for. Until now. Being able to write about anime, games, sports, what-have-you on a website like this with three outstanding men like this leading the way while I ride on their coat tails and pretend to be productive is a privilege and honestly, a blessing. I’m not going to be the best writer on this site but god damned will I try to make it fun and do my best to not fuck everything up in the process. My name is Mike and you are welcome here. You can leave your shoes at the door, or not, I don’t really mind that much the carpet isn’t that important anyway.

-Mike “Mikeymania” Matthews

Reach me at mike@thecriticald.com

Me and my deer buddy in Nara, Japan
Me and my deer buddy in Nara, Japan

Much like the previous two, I also graduated from ASU with a degree; although that degree said I’m allowed to make websites (amongst other things), in the end I still chose to use WordPress because it’s so darn nice.  I love watching stuff, be it Anime, Live Action TV shows (from whatever country), movies, sports (my favorites are Football and Fรบtbol), etc. My gaming interests include, but are not limited to: Trading/Collectable Card Games, Fighting Games, Rhythm Games, Puzzle Games, and PSO2. I try to play the popular video game titles that come out every year, but most of the time I feel that they are laborious and I wish they had just been a movie instead (that wasn’t directed by Uwe Boll). I could go on and on about stuff here, but let’s save it for another time. Welcome to our (website) domain, enjoy your stay.

-Ruben “Chumara” Prado


Welcome all who dare to enter here.

Unlike the previous three, I have not graduated with a degree yet. Mainly because, despite being 27 years old, I haven’t figured out what I want to be when I grow up. As of now, it’s an audio engineer. I’m currently slow rolling it part time because I need to work, but we’re gonna get there.

First and foremost, I am an anime guy. Video games come secondary, though very close. I tend to play FPS, RTS, JRPG, and 2D fighting games (in order of most to least). Aside from that I also enjoy TCG games like MTG and Vanguard. I started my own blog a while ago reviewing every anime I watched but sort of fell off after 6 months. I’ve always been opinionative about anime and felt the need to share my thoughts with fellow otaku, whether they agree or disagree. In a way, I also wanted to be a “go to” person for suggestions on what to watch and what to avoid. Having our project take flight, I feel like I’m a step closer in that direction.

Anyways, welcome to the D.

-Matt “HazMatt” Olson


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